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Magazine Profile FARM CONTRACTOR Farm Contractor and Large Scale Farmer is celebrating 40 years of publishing in 2012 and is proud to have been involved with the Tractor of the Year competition since its inception in 1998. Launched in 1972, Farm Contractor was originally a bi-monthly publication specifically targeted at the then, expanding agricultural contractor [...]

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Magazine Profile SCHWEIZER LANDTECHNIK / TECHNIQUE AGRICOLE Schweizer Landtechnik/Technique Agricole is a Swiss magazine for the professional farm machinery. The magazine appears monthly with a double-edition in June/July in two languages and a total circulation of 21'500 copies. Interested readers on farm machineries receive detailed and practical informations: latest news about the national and international [...]

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Magazine Profile NILEHNTEKNIK NilehnTeknik is a swedish magazine about farming mashinery. The magazine comes out 4 times a year as an subscribed product. The price is only 33 € a year and information about subscrpition is to be found at <> The website is also about farmingmashinery and it is for free and updated every [...]

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Magazine Profile AGROTECNICA AGROTÉCNICA is the most important spanish technical magazine in the field of agricultural mechanization. Since 1998, is a global reference among professional farmers, sales networks and CEOs of large multinationals. His extensive content covering industry news international, articles from prestigious firms, market reports and interviews with key players. It’s also the spanish [...]

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Magazine Profile KMETOVALEC (Farmer) KMETOVALEC (Farmer) is the most widely read agriculture magazine. Although monthly published in 5000 copies, Kmetovalec is read by more than 32,000* readers – farmers, advisors in agriculture and forestry, lecturers on agricultural schools, veterinarians and others. The published articles cover crop production, animal breeding and health, new technologies in agriculture [...]

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Magazine Profile ABOLSAMIA Abolsamia is the reference magazine in Portugal, specialized in agricultural machinery. For over 20 years in the market, abolsamia is a powerful tool for farmers, agricultural entrepreneurs, students, and experts in agricultural and forestry production. Together with technical articles about mechanization, the field tests made by abolsamia provide an in-depth perspective about [...]

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Magazine Profile RPT RPT is a Polish magazine that has been edited since 1999. It presents information connected with agricultural technique and technology and practical information for farmers. During last 11 years our journalists visited hundreds of farms to find out their owner’s opinions about tractors and other agricultural machines which were in use. Thank [...]

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Magazine Profile BEDRE GARDSDRIFT Bedre Gardsdrift is the largest standalone agricultural magazine in Norway, with more than 17,000 subscribers. We write mainly about mechanization, in-house engineering, building technology, farm management and finance. Our goal is to be a useful magazine for people connected to agriculture. On our website,, we publish daily news, useful downloads [...]

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Magazine Profile MANO ŪKIS Magazine of Lithuanian agriculture consultation service “Mano ūkis (My farm)” is the most popular monthly publication among progressively farming villagers, agricultural companies, higher agricultural schools and colleges, research institutions, academy lecturers, students and employees. “Mano ūkis” is a coloured publication with 32 thousand of readers. It is issued once per month [...]

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Magazine Profile TRATTORI Trattori came from the more than 50 years of experience in technical monthly magazines such as Diesel, Vado e Torno and Autobus, all dealing with engines and their applications. A new formula in the agricultural editorial world, Trattori is the first magazine fully dedicated to: tractors, agricultural machinery and their tools, components [...]

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