Magazine Profile


Farm Contractor and Large Scale Farmer is celebrating 40 years of publishing in 2012 and is proud to have been involved with the Tractor of the Year competition since its inception in 1998.

Launched in 1972, Farm Contractor was originally a bi-monthly publication specifically targeted at the then, expanding agricultural contractor sector. The magazine filled a void in the marketplace with high quality machinery editorial for professional machinery users. A philosophy still maintained today.

Throughout the 1970’s and 80’s contractors in the UK experienced significant business growth as the agricultural labour force departed for pastures new.

Mechanization flourished, the cost of machines escalated and small farms had no justification to purchase, opening the door for the professional contractors services. As a result the magazine mirrored the success of its readership and went monthly in 1978. The early 1990’s saw the addition of large scale farmers (325ha +) being added to the circulation taking the total up to 10,000 copies monthly, 6000 contractors, 3000 farmers, plus industry copies.

In the UK the high acreage farmer is responsible for 47% of total cropping. The size of the holdings warrants self-sufficiency in machinery ownership, hence creating the interest for the specialist machinery magazine. In 2012 Farm Contractor and Large Scale Farmer continues to flourish serving the most influential purchasers of machinery in the UK. The editorial policy has stood the test of time and developed along with the readership. Each month it contains a comprehensive mix of industry news, new developments, product information, reader and company profiles, management techniques, costings and much more. Farm Contractor and Large Scale Farmer is the foremost machinery journal in the UK .