Magazine Profile


Koneviesti is the leading finish technical journal of agricultural, forestry and earth moving machinery.

Koneviesti is established 1952, when mechanization started to expand rapidly in Finland. Since then our main target has been to help our readers to invest in profitable technologies that are optimal for their demands and recourses. We also give tips to profitable use and maintenance of machinery. We test several machines every year. Some of the tests are done in co-operation with Vakola, a measuring unit of institute MTT Agrifood Research Finland.

We publish 18 issues yearly with 125 pages on average. Koneviesti has now 32 000 subscribers and 180 000 readers. Our typical reader is a contractor, farmer, machine operator or an enthusiastic of heavy machinery. Common to our readers is, that they have many machines for working as well as a hobby

Our main topics are: – Tractors – Agricultural and forestry machinery and technology – Earth moving and construction machinery – Professional terrain vehicles such as ATV’s, snow scooters and pick-ups – Service and repairing. Maintenance – Bioenergy – Vintage tractors and machinery

Koneviesti employs 8 journalists and 1 graphic designer. Our journalists have long experience in their responsible area. We have also several qualified freelance journalists, who cover special themes of Koneviesti.

Koneviesti is published by VIESTILEHDET OY. Our office is in Helsinki. Viestilehdet is owned by MTK (Finnish Agricultural producers and Forest Owners Union). Viestilehdet has altogether 95 employees.

Viestilehdet Oy Publishes following newspapers and magazines: Koneviesti, Maaseudun Tulevaisuus, Suomalainen Maaseutu, Aarre.