Magazine Profile


Magazine of Lithuanian agriculture consultation service “Mano ūkis (My farm)” is the most popular monthly publication among progressively farming villagers, agricultural companies, higher agricultural schools and colleges, research institutions, academy lecturers, students and employees. “Mano ūkis” is a coloured publication with 32 thousand of readers. It is issued once per month (first week of a month); it is circulated all over Lithuania.

An average volume of the magazine amounts to 92-100 pages. The magazine is published in Lithuanian language. There is material about plant cultivation, stockbreeding, agricultural equipment, economics, environment protection, village construction and design, horticulture and olericulture, seed growing and selection, apiculture, forestry, farming topicalities, foreign farmers, equipment novelties, new technologies and a lot of other subjects urgent for village people published in the magazine. Mission of the edition is to familiarise farmers, village community and agricultural specialists with modern technologies, to inform readers about changes of Lithuanian and European Union agricultural policy, to announce agricultural business news.

The magazine is maintaining a website containing agricultural news since autumn of 2003. Urgent information is updated several times per day. Personal advertisements are published in the advertisement column free of charge.