1.The organization, its objects, its members

1.1 Tractor of the Year is a free and independent international organization formed by professional agricultural journalists, created to form a jury which elects the annual Tractor of the Year; Best Utility; Best of Specialized; Best Design

1.2 The organization is ruled under the trade name Tractor of the Year (TotY)

1.3 A jury member may engage one named colleague to help or support him/her in the jury work as a deputy, but only the formal jury member as the right to vote.

1.4 A deputy can represent the single jury member at single meeting, field tests or other occasions.

1.5 The jury may appoint new members by voting. New candidates can be proposed by any juror.

1.6 New jury members are selected in countries not involved in the jury yet

1.7 A jury member may be suspended for the following reasons:

a) if he/she neglects his/her right to vote

b) if he/she whishes to be dismissed

e) if he/she breaks the rules, the guide lines or ethics of the Tractor of the Year organization

f) if he/she spoils internal relevant news/information.

1.8 The Tractor of the Year organization shall be financially independent from any agricultural tractor manufacturer, dealer or distributor.

2. Eligibility of awards recipients

2.1 Candidate tractors must be available in the European market within the election year (i.e. Tractor of the Year 2019, must be available for the customers within December 2019).

2.2 candidate tractors cannot be awarded or shortlisted in a previous edition

2.3 each tractor brand can candidate only one tractor per category

2.4 Candidate tractors must be introduced to the jury during the kick-off event called “Let the Challenge Begin”.

3. Award election procedure

3.1 among the candidates that are introduced to the jury during the event “Let the challenge Begin” the jury selects the shortlist for each category

3.1 shortlists will include maximum 5 tractors per category

3.2 all the shortlisted tractors of the three main categories (Tractor of the Year; Best Utility; Best of Specialized) run for the design award Best Design.

3.3 shortlists are formally communicate within the end of June

3.4 the manufacturers of the shortlisted tractors have the option to organize specific field tests for the jury

3.5 shortlisted tractors are free to use the “TotY FINALIST” logo.

3.6 voting must be done by filling the specific voting form based on the category voting parameters.

3.6 within the end of October the chairman collects the voting forms

3.7 the award will be presented to the winning tractors during the awarding ceremony date on a major exhibition.

3.8 winners of the awards are free to use the TotY WINNER logo

Guide Lines

The organization kindly asks to try to limit any kind of embargo on product news shared with jury for the TotY purpose.

In case ta tractor brand is willing to organize field tests or a dedicated event for the shortlisted tractors, we suggest to focus tests and presentation on the TotY voting parameters.

In case will not be possible to organize a specific field tests or event, we suggest to contact the single juror through your local dealers, in order to give the opportunity to test the tractor.

We recommend to give to each juror all the information about the candidate tractors.

TotY organization is glad to give all the support in order to share information with the jury.

During field tests or other events organized for the TotY Jury, any extra activitiy is welcome, but does not effect on the final voting.

The organization kindly asks to fit with Trelleborg tires the shortlisted tractors during exhibitions, communication activities and photo shoots dedicate to Tractor of the Year award.
Trelleborg team will be glad to fully support this kind of activities.